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We’re the only subscription-based global news agency focused solely on serving the buy-side. Our reporting is designed from the ground-up to meet the demands of institutional investors. We fill in blind spots that legacy news agencies and sell-side firms fail to cover, and publish exclusive stories that move the market.

We provide portfolio managers and buy-side analysts an information edge to make better informed investment decisions.

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Exclusive News

We break exclusive, material news on the companies and industries important to you. Our team of reporters develop their own sources and break market-moving news that is only available to subscribers.

Global Awareness

We monitor foreign press and report on news that may impact your investments. So when important news breaks on foreign media sources, we summarize the facts into a short-form story and provide you with insights to help you stay informed on your investments.

No noise

We filter out noise and only send you relevant, material news that you haven’t seen elsewhere. Whether your interest is global M&A or just Tech in China, we send you only news that’s relevant.


Our policies and procedures meet the highest compliance standards in the industry.

“Brightwire is the highest ROI product we use.”

— TMT Portfolio Manager at a deep value fund

We’ll help you make smarter, more informed decisions that will drive higher returns.

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“Everyone has Bloomberg. Brightwire is the only service that still gives us an information advantage on our side of the investment.”

— Consumer Analyst at a long/short fund

We break material news that isn’t available from other publishers or the sell-side. This provides our clients with an edge over the broader market.

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